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The ZK framework provides a variety of paradigms to develop Web applications. One the one hand it is always nice to have options, but on the other this can cause un-intentional paradigm disparities when several developers are using the framework to develop an application without a consistent design. By and far, Model View Controller pattern has been adapted by various  Web applications and frameworks (like Apache Struts, Apache Beehive PageFlows)  to develop quality Web applications. The following is an illustration of how an MVC based Web application can be developed using ZK and Spring. ZK has introduced a lot of features that enable easy integration with Spring. The source code of example application is available for download here. The Model: The model is usually an object or a group of objects representing a business entity. In this example, an object called User... (more)

A Data Governance Platform to Discover and Protect Enterprise Data

With proliferation of enterprise data across several internal and external groups; with rapid adoption of data providers frameworks such as REST, OAuth and other APIs; with growing concerns about data privacy and governance, there is compelling need for enterprises to not only discover sensitive data but also implement better mechanisms to govern the sensitive data. RAXA Enterprise, a data governance platform, provides tools to manage sensitive data of your enterprise. RAXA Enterprise, developed by RAXAsoft (, is an integrated solution that provides dynamic capa... (more)

Cloud Outage

This morning suffered a severe outage lasting from ~10am pt to hours after that. Online banking is a service, that users assume to be available 24/7. However, there are many occasions when critical services such as banking and email have shown signs of instability. While these unexpected outages can be attributed mostly to unplanned failures, it should be noted that inefficiencies in planning and risk assessment have potential impact in these untoward incidents. The risk planning is not much different in traditional datacenters vs cloud. While there are many s... (more)

Online Daily Deals - A Short-Term Bubble?

Social networking websites are fast adapting the new 'daily deals' model to attract small businesses and social networkers. Some companies that focus on daily deals, such as and, are attempting to go IPO soon, reinforcing that this is an emerging market. Google came up with Google offers, Yelp came up with Yelp Deals to take advantage of this new phenomenon. However, as a social network platform user, do you know who is the best deal/offer maker? I'd call these deals a 1.0 in the making, which don't really take advantage of the social networking plat... (more)

Data Security in the Cloud, NoSQL & Big Data Systems

So, you have been using or thinking of employing the power of NoSQL and the emerging distributed data processing technologies such as Hadoop for your enterprise. These new frameworks provide several benefits including performance and also offer cost-effective solutions. These technologies also come with certain areas that are still in the process of design and development of which security is prominent. I'd like to discuss on the security best practices as these technologies shape up and as the adoption grows. Subscribe to this blog to stay tuned on the updates. Also, if you'd ... (more)